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Letters and Numbers Block Font

Letters and Numbers Block Font

A Block Font



Decorative Stitching

Letters, numbers and punctuation marks are not only for stitching words and phrases, but the characters can all be used creatively as well. Embellish fabric texture by sewing rows and rows of a single stitch, or create a stitch sequence to repeat over and over to add dimension to your fabric. Experiment with various thread types such as all-purpose thread, metallic thread, rayon thread and even 30wt cotton. Use a Satin Stitch Foot (additional accessory for some machine models) to allow the dense stitching to pass freely underneath the foot. Place a fabric stabillizer underneath the fabric, which will help prevent fabric puckering. When finished sewing, use a fine point scissor to carefully trim the connecting threads between the characters.

Block Letters Decorative Sewing


Sewing Fonts and Monograms

The Block Style Font includes letters, numbers, punctuation and key symbols. Create your own custom stitch sequences to personalize your projects and sew words and phrases, names, dates, and monograms. It is helpful to use a Satin Stitch Foot (additional accessory for some machine models), as this foot has a groove on the underside to allown dense stitching to pass freely underneath. Use a stabilizer under the fabric to help prevent the dense stitches from puckering the fabric. Use an all-purpose thread or 30wt cotton for a bolder look. (Note: To put a "space" between characters, use the symbol from the stitch selection that resembles the shape of a square.)