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    Heavy Duty 6800C Sewing Machine Reviews

    "Beautiful machine with a heavy duty feel. Smooth running motor with easy to understand instructions even for a beginner."

    "I have not had one issue. Everything about it is pretty straight forward. Definitely another great product made by Singer."

    "This machine is awesome! It’s very powerful, easy to use, and there are great tutorials on-line to help you get started."

    Heavy Duty 6800C Sewing Machine Reviews

    Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine Reviews

    "I have never sewn on a machine before in my life. This is my first machine and first experience. I was up and sewing within hours."

    "I love this product, My wife started using this with no experience, and right now she looks like an expert."

    "LOVE MY SINGERS!!! I have only had good experiences with Singer. Bought one of these machines to surprise a friend and then I wanted it too. It replaces the similar model bought 21 years ago! I felt guilty because it still works but after using this one, well it is truly a work horse! "

    The Heavy Duty 4452 was voted the best heavy duty sewing machine by Good Housekeeping.

    Heavy Duty 4452 Sewing Machine Reviews

    Quantum Stylist™ 9960 Sewing Machine Reviews

    "When the pandemic first started, I borrowed my friends $4000 sewing machine so I could make masks...This machine has all the features of her $4000 machine. Thread cutter, needle threader, computerized stitches and controls. From the time I plugged it in it has been a joy to use. No confusing buttons. Very intuitive. Love it!"

    " The auto thread cutter at this price point ($329 on is unheard of in most brands, it works well, very important if I'm free motion quilting. The machine also came with a hard cover with storage area and a slide on extension table! I really am in awe of what came with this machine and all that it can do."

    "After multiple outdoor cushions, PJ pants, canvas projects, and masks; this machine has built up a lot of mileage. The canvas projects were tough on this little guy, but it pulled through. The sewing machine that could!"

    The Quantum Stylist™ 9960 was praised as the best overall sewing machine from The Spruce.

    Quantum Stylist™ 9960 Sewing Machine Reviews

    Singer SteamCraft Plus Iron Reviews

    "The most beautiful iron I’ve ever seen! I love the shape and design, especially the pointed tip. It makes for precise ironing, especially in narrow areas of the fabric."

    "Great sewing accessory! Pressing seams open a breeze with the super pointed tip. I also love having the fill cup for the steam reservoir."

    "This iron heats up quickly and stays on for longer sewing projects. I also appreciate the longer cord! It has great steam action with the button to get those more stubborn wrinkles out! The price is the icing on he cake..I've spent more on lesser irons!"

    Singer SteamCraft Plus Iron Reviews

    Heavy Duty Extension Table for Mechanical Machines Reviews

    "This is a great addition to my 4452 heavy duty sewing machine!"

    "This extension table makes such a huge difference! I absolutely love it. It makes sewing a quilt so much easier."

    Heavy Duty Extension Table for Mechanical Machines Reviews

    Singer Presser Foot Kit Reviews

    "A nice collection of pressure foot for a newbie sewist who wants to make her own wardrobe, seems it covers everything I could think of doing."

    "Fantastic equipment for an exquisite sewing machine!"

    Singer Presser Foot Kit Reviews

    Professional Steam Press 20" Reviews

    "It will amaze you! Wish I had bought one years ago."

    "The steam press is compact and is easy to store and transport. It makes ironing fun!"

    Professional Steam Press 20

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