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How to Thread a Sewing Machine

General Threading

How to thread the top of a machine varies from machine model to machine model.  It’s best to check your machine instruction manual for specific details for your specific machine.  However, there are some general tips to keep in mind when threading the top of your machine.  For more tips on successful sewing, check out our blog on top troubleshooting tips.

  1. Always, always raise the presser foot lifter before you start threading the machine.

  2. Make sure the thread is properly placed in the take-up lever of the machine.  

  3. Use a spool cap to help prevent the thread from getting caught on any irregularities that might be on the thread spool itself.  If your machine model comes with multiple sizes of spool caps, use the spool cap that most closely fits the size of the thread spool being used.

  4. Make sure that you are using the correct size and style of the needle for the fabric you are sewing.  The wrong size or style of needle can cause your thread to shred or break.


Automatic Needle Threader

1. Raise needle to its highest position by rotating the handwheel toward you.

Raise needle to it's highest position by rotating the handwheel toward you


2. Hook thread under thread guide...

Hook Thread under thread guide.


3. ... and pull down the needle threader all the way. Pass thread into hook.

Guide thread into the hooked end and pull forward.


4. Release threader to pull loop through the eye of needle. Pull thread through completely. 

Release threader and needle simultaneously, and the needle will be threaded automatically.



SwiftSmart Threading

* Be sure to raise the presser foot lifter and raise the needle to its highest position before threading.

SwiftSmart Automatic Needle Threading


1. Thread the machine with your left hand while gripping the thread with your right hand. Hook thread to the thread guide on the needle bar and pull it toward you leaving about 4” (10 cm) clear.
2. Hook thread to the twin thread guide (A and B).
3. Pull thread gently into the thread cutter/holder to cut and hold it in place. Don’t pull thread with strong force or thread may be pulled off from needle hole after threading.

4. Pull down the threading lever to its lowest position until the twin thread guide rotates and stops. Make sure that the guide doesn’t touch fabric, etc.
5. Release the threading lever and needle will be threaded automatically. If the threading lever should not return to the original position, raise it gently by hand.
6. Pull thread loop away from you. If the needle has not been threaded correctly, rethread from step 1.

NOTE: For smooth threading, it is recommended that the machine is set for straight stitch (in center needle position) when using the automatic needle threader. A heavy thread cannot be threaded through a fine needle. Don’t lower the threading lever while the machine is in operation or the threading hook may be broken.
IMPORTANT: If the needle cannot be threaded due to the nature of thread, manually thread the needle after hooking thread to the thread guide on the needle bar.