PFAFF® Tear N Wash Stabilizer 15" x 10 Yards

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$29.95 MSRP
Medium Weight Tear Away Stabilizer With The Unique Ability To Wash Out The Remaining Pieces After Laundering

PFAFF® Tear-N-Wash is a medium weight tear away stabilizer with the unique ability to wash out the remaining pieces after laundering. Tear-N-Wash leaves little or no visible signs of backing but, retains support in the embroidered area.

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Recommended uses:

Perfect to use as backing stabilizer for embroidery on towels, blankets, woven shirts, robes, sportswear and scarves.

Once washed, tiny fibers are locked inside underside of embroidery stitches to give permanent support to embroidery.

Important: Do not use as a topper or as a stabilizer for lace, 3-D appliqué, eyelet, cutwork or badge embroideries.


1. Cut piece of Tear-N-Wash large enough to fit in hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides).

2. Place stabilizer on the wrong side of fabric. Hoop fabric and stabilizer as together.

3. Tighten hoop, pulling fabric and stabilizer equally.

4. Embroider, remove from hoop.

5. Tear away as much of the stabilizer as possible, most of remaining pieces will wash out in the laundry.

6. A tiny amount of residual fibers may remain around edges.