PFAFF® admire™ air 5000 Utility Feet Kit

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$125.95 MSRP
Perfect For Utility Sewing
Kit is designed for the PFAFF® admire™ air 5000 overlock machine and includes 5 accessories, perfect for utility sewing.

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How To Use:

Gathering Attachment

1. Set the machine for 2-needle 4-thread serging.

2. To attach, open the side cover. Loosen the attaching screw and rotate the arm of the Gathering Attachment toward you. Put the attaching plate on the attaching screw, slide it to the left as far as it will go, and tighten the attaching screw. Next, raise the feed dog to the highest position by turning the handsheel toward you and loosen the thumbscrew. For the last step, rotate the arm, set it on the feed dog and tighten the thumbscrew.

3. To sew, place 2 pieces of fabric right sides together. The bottom fabric will be gathered, so cut that piece twice as long as the top. Test on a scrap of fabric from your project. Set the differential feed dial to 1 and rotate the arm out. Place the fabric under the presser foot and sew 2 or 3 stitches without inserting the arm between the fabric. Next, turn the handwheel until the needle pierces the fabrics and raise the presser foot. Set the differential feed dial to the desired number (e.g. 2.0) and insert the arm between the fabrics. Lower the the presser foot and sew again, guiding the 2 layers with your hands.

Blind Hem Foot

1. Set the machine for 1-needle 3-thread serging (using the right needle).

2. Replace the foot with the Blind Hem Foot.

3. Fold up the hem allowance and press. Fold down the hem to the right side of the fabric and position the fabric wrong side up so the folded edge is to the left of the fabric guide.

4. Turn the adjusting screw until the needle catches only the very edge of the fold.

5. Sew the hem, making sure that the needle catches the edge of the hem.

6. Open the hem and press.

Gathering Foot

1. Set the machine for 2-needle 4-thread serging.

2. To attach, place the presser foot so the pin on the foot lies just under the groove of the foot hold.

3. Lower the foot holder to lock the foot in place. Raise the presser foot lifter to check that the foot is secure.

4. To remove, simply raise the needle and presser foot, then press the lever located on the back of the foot holder.

Elastic Gathering Foot (use 3.5 - 6.8 mm side elastic tape)

1. To set elastic gathering, open the side cover and loosen the attaching screw. Put the attaching plate on the attaching screw and tighten the screw. Next, put the elastic tape on the supporting plate, matching the right edge of the tape to the line on the supporting plate. Pull about 5 centimeters of tape. Close the holding plate and secure the end with the clasp. Adjust the slide plate according to the width of the elastic tape. Make sure the tape is not cut by the upper knife and close the side cover.

2. To sew, place the fabric under the elastic tape and place them under the presser foot. Sew the fabric and elastic tape together.

3. To adjust the gather, turn the thumbscrew clockwise to increase gathers and counterclockwise to decrease gathers.

Cloth Guide

1. To attach, open the side cover, loosen the attaching screw and slide the attaching plate on the screw to the left as far as it will go. Tighten the screw and close the side cover.

2. To use, slide the Cloth Guide to the desired position for guiding the edge of fabric. Do not use the upper knife when sewing constant-width seams for flat lock serging with decorative thread, pinktucking, etc.