SINGER® Brand Ambassador: Jessica Shaw

Jessica began her sewing journey in 2015 after a little help from her grandmother, who grew up sewing clothing for herself and her 8 siblings in Portugal.  She taught Jessica how to sew on a budget, drawing patterns on paper bags, thrifting materials for sewing, and upcycling old fabric. She purchased her first Singer sewing machine to make her first few dresses made from old bed sheets, and absolutely fell in love with the craft.

Jessica realized how valuable the internet was in her process of learning to sew, so she started creating videos on Instagram, Tiktok and Youtube to inspire others to create.  She's passionate about making sewing simple and fun, helping her followers understand how to operate a sewing machine.  She loves creating one-of-a kind pieces and upcycling vintage fabric while documenting the process.  Sewing gives Jessica confidence and an outlet to express her individuality, and she now dreams of inspiring others to do the same.  Her goal is to make sewing accessible to all, to create an entire handmade wardrobe from scratch, and invites others to come along the journey on Instagram, Tiktok, and Youtube.

Jessica became a Singer Ambassador in 2020 and is honored to partner with a brand that she, her mother, and grandmother have used in their own homes for decades.  Singer Sewing Company has been such an integral part of her sewing journey, not only with their amazing products, but also the encouraging community of people that surrounds it. 

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