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- Sew Newsworthy Inspiration

Desktop and Mobile Sewing Wallpapers

A great way to show off your love for sewing!

- SIY Sew It Yourself Techniques Inspiration

Sewn Cards for Any Occasion

The summer has arrived! And with it comes a busy season of weddings, graduations, and holidays.  With all the receptions to attend and the gifts to buy, we were brainstorming for a way to personalize gifts for our friends and family. What better way to personalize something than to sew it?! Using scrap fabric squares from previous projects, we quickly created these unique, adorable cards that fit into any occasion on our calendar this season.

Embroidery, Sewing
- Sewing 101 Getting Started Tips & Hints Inspiration

Learning to Sew

I’m so excited to share my first project with you!  New to sewing, only 2 months in, I thought it would be kind of awesome for you to follow along as I tackle this new venture.  I probably won’t know a lot of answers if you have questions but will make sure to connect with my peers to get you answers.  So on to the project!

- Sewing 101 Sewing Help Tips & Hints

Presser Foot Tutorials

Ever wonder what ALL those Presser Feet do?  Amazing things!  Check out our tutorials on YouTube to find out just how creative you can be with feet.

View Presser Foot Tutorials

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- Sew Newsworthy SIY Sew It Yourself Getting Started Inspiration

Applique Inspiration

March is National Craft Month, and it is also National Quilting Month!  One thing that crafters and quilters usually have in   common, though, is a love for applique.  So, this month we   thought we would share some fun ways we have used applique recently, in hopes of inspiring your own creativity – no matter what type of sewing you like to do!


- Sewing 101 Sewing Help Getting Started Tips & Hints

Sewing Machine Needles

When you sew, you’ve noticed stitches skipping on some fabrics, while at other times you’ve seen little ‘snags’ or ‘pulls’ along the seam lines. Did you know that many of these common problems can be fixed by simply using the correct needle in your machine?  We’ll explain basic needle parts, styles and sizes, how to choose the right needle for your project and how to avoid some common mistakes so you can sew with success!

- Sewing 101 Techniques Tips & Hints

Quick Trick for Reinforcing a Buttonhole

An excellent tip from the experts! Have you ever sewn a perfect buttonhole and then accidentally cut the stitches; or have you sewn a buttonhole in a delicate or knit fabric and have it sag or look frayed?


Quilting, Sewing
- Sew Newsworthy SIY Sew It Yourself Getting Started Inspiration

Decorative Stitch Inspiration

Have you ever wondered what do to do with all those “fancy” stitches on your sewing machine?  You know what to do with the basic stitches, like straight stitch, zig-zag – even the buttonholes – but what about all those decorative stitches?  Well, after taking a closer look at this quilt, you just might be inspired with some fresh new ways of looking at your machine’s decorative stitches, and giving them a try for yourself!

- Sewing Help Getting Started Tips & Hints

Hemming Jeans


- Sewing 101 Getting Started Tips & Hints Inspiration

Your Sewing Machine's Stitches

Every sewing machine has a selection of stitches from which to choose. Some machines have just a few, and some have many, many more!  Regardless of the number of stitches your machine has, it can be very useful to make yourself a “stitch-out” of all the stitches, so that you can see what they look like when actually sewn. It’s a fun way to get familiar with your machine, too!