PFAFF® Denim Needles Size 100/16 5-Pack

sku 821292096
Agujas especialmente diseñadas para trabajar con telas vaqueras.
Reduce las roturas y las puntadas saltadas gracias a la hoja reforzada con punta redondeada y extremo cónico. Para un rendimiento óptimo, cambie la aguja cada 6 a 8 horas de costura y/o tipo de tela.
  • 5 Count, Size 100/16

  • Designed for medium weight denim and wovens

  • Reinforced blade with the rounded tip and tapered end reduces breakage and skipped stitches

Needles Specially Designed To Work With Medium Weight Denim Fabrics
Reduces breakage and skipped stitches due do reinforced blade with the rounded tip and tapered end. For optimum performance, change your needle every 6 - 8 hours of sewing and/or type of fabric.