SINGER® - Brand Ambassador: Kaviya Ravi

Kaviya Ravi


Meet Kaviya

Kaviya started sewing after she started working as a window display artist about 12 years ago. Her mother was a sewer and offered to teach her. But she did not know any better and refused. That is a decision she regrets to this day because knowing how to sew is such a versatile skill for any maker or artist. She is a self taught sewer and calls her style very colorful, experimental and organic. She mostly make things for the home but her dream is to become an accomplished seamstress and sew her own clothes. Learning to quilt is another passion of hers. Even though learning to sew was born out of necessity, today it has become a source of calm and comfort to her. She is inspired by all the amazing women and men out there that are creating amazing things on their sewing machines, she is also inspired by vintage textiles and everything in nature. 


Kaviya's Favorite Projects



Yak: I am a big lover of everything texture and yarn. This Yaks name is Yakshmi and she was
created by sewing various yarns and textiles to scrap fabric and then glued on to a wooden
skeleton. She made her debut on Season 3 of Making It.


Portrait Pillows

Portrait Pillows


Portrait pillows: Hand painted and embroidered pillows from Making It


Yarn Table

Yarn Table

Yarn Table: This my very first upholstered piece that I sewed on my wonderful heavy duty
singer machine
. I used heavy duty upholstery canvas which I hand painted. It was such a fun
project to design and make. I hand sewed the pompoms.


Fringey Baskets

Fringey Baskets

Fringey Baskets: Making rope baskets has become my new found hobby and I enjoy
experimenting on them with fringes,pompoms and even dried flowers. I am so grateful to have a
very forgiving and hardy machine that lets me experiment and get creative.


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