SINGER® Brand Ambassador: Mya

Hey there! My name is Mya, I’m an entrepreneur, digital creator & I just love being creative. My grandma inspired me to sew ever since I was a little girl. I would help her cut out patterns and she would make me handmade garments as I grew up! I always had a love for making things with my hands and tapping into my creativity, it always made me feel so free and expressive. A lot of my favorite memories are doing arts & crafts and I grew up in a family of really creative minds. I think it’s important to let ourselves from a young age to try out many crafts, sports, activities because that is what really shaped who I am today and I’m really grateful for it and where it has brought me on my sewing journey.

Sewing has been around me my whole life, wherever I moved I always had a machine with me and I was fixing something, hemming pants, or upcycling clothes. But it wasn’t until 2019 when my boyfriend and I moved back into an apartment after spending time on the road in our 1995 Chevy van that I created my instagram page @myakayemade & started my business. I started selling my handmade goods and sharing the journey through my Instagram stories. I made beach blankets at first because I wanted to share the space where we spent a lot of our time on the road, and that was always on a beach blanket at the beach or camping somewhere. It quickly turned into sewing accessories, taking on custom projects, and making my own clothes! I learned so much of what I know now by watching videos on the internet, trial & error, and just creating hours & hours at a time. At this time of my life my contract was up at my current job and I decided to go full-time entrepreneur.

I learned so much about who I am through the craft of sewing and starting my own business. I learned how to create intentional things that I want in my life and after I stopped selling my handmade goods I really started loving the digital side to social media. I started creating content and sharing moments that I love through my own perspective. It’s been fun to document my progress & be able to connect with others and create a really amazing community through social media! This journey of content creating has brought some really fun opportunities to work with companies like SINGER, JOANN & others!

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