HUSQVARNA® VIKING® Circular Attachment

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This Circular Attachment provides you endless opportunities to create unique embellishments, using utility and decorative stitches for borders and graphic patterns. 3 different templates of large and small circles and flower petals give you license to artistic sewing.

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Machine Compatibility

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This Circular Attachment is the perfect tool to add unique embellishments to your sewing projects, garments and quilts. Sew simple circles, flowers, or parts of circles to create one-of-a-kind borders or graphic patterns.

Combine circles in different sizes and create large patterns. Almost all utility or decorative stitches can be used with this attachment, so you are free to use your favorite. The possibilities are as unending as the circles it creates! Note: Stitches with a default width wider than 7mm and stitches with backward feeding cannot be used. For group 9 machines, disengage IDF and use with stitches no wider than 9mm.

Compatible with HUSQVARNA® VIKING® machine model groups: 8, 9.

  • DESIGNER RUBY™ series
  • DESIGNER TOPAZ™ series
  • SAPPHIRE™ series
  • OPAL™ series
  • EDEN ROSE™ 250C
  • BRILLIANCE™ series
  • TRIBUTE™ 140C
  • DESIGNER JADE™ 35, 20
What's Included
  • Circular Attachment with Size Guide
  • Pivot Pin
  • 3 Different Templates: one for sewing circles, one for a 4-petal flower, and 1 for a 6-petal flower. The numbers on the templates correspond to the diameter ofthe circle in centimeters.
  • CD with User Instructions in 11 languages, a tutorial and ideas on how to combine circles using the templates.
Additional Features
  • Create unique embellishments on any project
  • Sew circles ranging in diameter from 6 to 26 cm (2 1/2 to 10 1/4")
  • CD with instructions and ideas includes