PFAFF® Universal Needles Size 90/14 10-Pack

sku 821326096
Agujas especialmente diseñadas para uso multiuso
Se desliza fácilmente a través del tejido de punto y tela tejida con punta redondeada y extremo cónico. Para un rendimiento óptimo, cambie la aguja cada 6 a 8 horas de costura y/o tipo de tela.
  • 10 Count, Size 90/14

  • Easily slips through medium weight knit and woven fabrics

  • Rounded tip and tapered end

Needles Specially Designed For All-Purpose Use
Easily slips through weave of medium weight knits and woven fabric with rounded tip and tapered end. For optimum performance, change your needle every 6 - 8 hours of sewing and/or type of fabric.