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Legacy Embroidery Support

Legacy Embroidery Support



Included Designs

200 embroidery designs and six alphabet options are included with your machine.

200 Embroidery Designs

  • 69 designs are built-in, directly accessible from the machine screen.

  • The additional 131 designs are on the small USB stick included with the machine (USB stick can be found the drawer of the embroidery unit). It will be necessary to place the USB stick into the machine to access any of these designs.

    • Note: Detailed information about all included embroidery designs is also located on the USB stick, such as the number of colors the design has, the color order, design dimensions, and more. This information, however, is viewed on your computer screen, not the machine screen. To view the “Individual Design Information”, place the USB into a port on your computer, then open the file called “Individual Design Information”. The pages are also printable, for use as reference sheets, if desired.

6 Alphabet Options

  • There are 2 built-in font styles for creating monograms and lettering, and each font is available in 3 different size selections.

    • Block Letters: 30mm, 15mm, and 7mm

    • Script Letters: 25mm, 15mm, and 7mm

  • Both font styles have upper and lower case letters, as well as punctuations.

Included Hoops

  • Your machine comes with 2 embroidery hoops

    • Large Hoop - 260mm x 150mm (10¼” x 6”)

    • Small Hoop - 100mm x 100mm (4” x 4”)

Video Tutorials:
Several video tutorials are available on the SINGER ® website to help you get started
using your embroidery machine. Topics include a machine overview, choosing thread
for embroidery, how to thread the machine, understanding how to hoop fabric,
information about using stabilizer for successful embroidery results, and how to select
and stitch out an embroidery design.
Click here, or visit:




To get even more from your embroidery machine, visit
MySewnet is a service provided by SVP Worldwide allowing you to access machine
updates, register your machine, and download complementary software!

Connecting to mySewnet
Before you can use resources available at mySewnet, you need to first create a log in.

  • Go to

  • Create your User Name and Password

Once you have created a login for mySewnet, you can:

  • Register your machine to store the machine’s history for future warranty inquires

  • Check for any available updates for your machine

  • Download complementary software, enabling use imported embroidery designs

Using Embroidery Designs for Outside Sources
To use imported designs, such as purchased designs or collections, you will first need
to download and install the complementary software (called PSW Intro) from
mySewnet. The software allows you to transfer designs (that you have saved on your
computer) to your USB stick. Your stick is placed in the embroidery machine, and the
design can then be accessed from the machine screen
For more on download and installation of the software to your computer, click here.

Saving a Design to Your USB Stick
Note: Embroidery designs saved to the USB stick must be saved in either the .xxx
or .dst file formats. Any other format will not be recognized by the machine.

  • Open the PSW Intro software on your computer.

  • Click on Open an Existing Design.

  • Locate the design where you saved it on your computer.

  • In the “Open Design File” dialogue box, select file format *.xxx or .dst (depending on which format was used to save the design) as Files of Type, then click OK.

  • If the design is not centered after you click OK, go to the Main Menu, select Design, then Center Design. The design will move to the center of the hoop.

  • From the Main Menu, select File, then scroll down to Save Design to USB.

  • Remove the USB from the computer.

Opening a Design in the Machine

  • Place the USB in the port of the machine

  • On the machine Home screen, touch the “strawberry icon” (the strawberry represents “embroidery designs”)

  • Touch the USB icon to access designs saved on the USB

  • Select your design from the list on screen according to how you named the design, then press the “check mark” to tell the machine “OK”.

  • For more details on this, see page 20 of your machine instruction manual.