SINGER® Roller Presser Foot

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Machine Compatibility

What is my Machine Letter

To install the Roller Presser Foot, simply remove the All-Purpose Foot from the presser foot holder on your sewing machine and snap on the Roller Foot, following the recommendations in your machine manual.


Helpful sewing tips when sewing heavy knit fabrics, leather, and specialty fabrics:

  • Heavy Knit: To sew heavy knit fabrics with the Roller Foot use a narrow zigzag stitch or straight stitch at an average stitch length.
  • Leather: Use a straight stitch on your sewing machine and set stitch length to a medium to medium-long stitch length. A smaller stitch may perforate the fabric causing it to tear away from the seam.
  • Paper Clips, Not Pins: When working with leather, plastic, oilcloth and laminated fabrics try using paper clips instead of pins to hold the layers of fabric together as you sew. Pins will make permanent holes in these specialty fabrics.