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Embroidery, Sewing
- Sewing 101 Getting Started Tips & Hints Inspiration

Learning to Sew

I’m so excited to share my first project with you!  New to sewing, only 2 months in, I thought it would be kind of awesome for you to follow along as I tackle this new venture.  I probably won’t know a lot of answers if you have questions but will make sure to connect with my peers to get you answers.  So on to the project!

Learning to Sew

With tons of guidance from my co-worker, A.K.A. the Sewing Guru, I created this beautiful art piece just in time for St. Patty’s Day! I’m calling it ‘Sew Lucky to Hang on my Wall’. I used the SINGER Legacy SE340 Sewing and Embroidery Machine, and let me just say this is not a machine for beginners, BUT with help from an advanced sewist this machine is amazing!!!

Before I got to the fun part of embroidering, I had to do some prep work.  First, I had to adhere (by pressing) interfacing to my pre-cut fabric, this was done to stabilize the loosely woven fabric.  I used a linen as the base and a regular cotton weight for my applique design.

Prep Work for Sewing - Pressing Iron onto Fabric Woman Hooping Fabric for Embroidery Design

Next, I hooped my base fabric with stabilizer underneath, the stabilizer helped my fabric from puckering as it embroidered. Then, I set my hooped fabric up on the machine to start embroidering.

My Sewing Guru highly recommended that I first embroider the text because this would help me decide placement and size of my applique design.  So, I typed in the text, chose my size and location and voila’ the machine was ready to do the work.  So easy!

I had to embroider the 2 words separately as they were different fonts and sizes, and I wanted them placed above one another.

Adding the Lettering for Embroidery Design to SE300 Embroidering the Words "Sew Lucky" onto Fabric with Singer Legacy SE340

After the text was complete, I placed my 4 leaf clover where I wanted it using fusible web and sewed it on using a zig-zag stitch.

Sewing on the clover was a bit tricky as there were a lot of curves and corners, but the Sewing Guru advised that I take it slowly and ensure my needle was down when I needed to pivot (it took me removing the stitches a few times and starting over before I got it right).

Display with Stitch Settings on Singer Legacy SE340Sewing a Shamrock onto Fabric

All in all, I think my first project turned out pretty amazing and I can’t wait to take on another project!

A Shamrock Sewed onto Fabric Beside a Singer Legacy SE340 Sewing and Embroidery Machine