SINGER® Overcasting Presser Foot

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Easily finish fabric edges to prevent curling, fraying and unraveling.
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The Overcasting Foot is used to keep the fabric edges from curling up when you overlock or zigzag stitch the edge to prevent raveling. The metal bar in the center of the foot holds the fabric flat as the thread wraps over the edge for a serged effect.

How to Use:

1. Snap on the Overcasting Foot.

2. Place fabric under the foot with the edge aligned against the guide on the right side.

3. Select overlock, zigzag or other desired stitch.

4. Adjust length. Adjust width so that the needle doesn’t hit the bar in the center of the opening in the foot.

5. Sew, keeping fabric edge aligned against the guide on the foot.


*SINGER models 4208 and 4212 require the optional universal shank part #250052596