SINGER® Heavy Duty Crafting Presser Foot Kit

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The perfect kit for heavy-duty crafters and endless creations!

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Machine Compatibility

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  • Side Cutter Attachment simultaneously trims and hems while you sew a seam.
  • Parallel Sewing Foot creates evenly spaced rows of decorative stitching.
  • Non-Stick Presser Foot effortlessly sews on tricky fabrics.
  • Fits: MA, MB, CA, CB, CE series (see Specifications tab for specific models)

Side Cutter Attachment:

Simultaneously trim and hem while you sew a seam.

Parallel Sewing Foot:

Create Evenly spaced rows of decorative stitching thanks to the markings on the foot

Non-Stick Presser Foot:

The slick surface on the underside of the foot allows for effortless sewing on tricky fabrics