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- SIY Sew It Yourself Tips & Hints Inspiration

Personalized Slippers for Mother's Day

For Mother’s Day my nieces and I wanted to create something unique and special to gift to their mom.  Being the awesome person she is, the girls try to be just like her.  They constantly follow her around, trying to do everything she does.  So I decided that we should create slippers with their footprints in them, symbolizing that they will always follow in her footsteps.

Personalized Slippers for Mother's Day

Being a beginner sewist, I knew I was taking on quite a challenge, but the result was going to be well worth it!  I began with a test sew using paper.  I’m so glad I did a test sew first.  It not only helped to build my confidence, but I also learned a couple of key points before executing on the final fabric.

Slipper Test Sew on C240


First lesson learned. Be sure to trace and cut out the pattern on the right sides!

Pattern Cut Incorrectly and Correctly


Second lesson. The programmable needle up/down is super helpful when sewing around the curve.

And lastly, make sure the upper portion of the slipper is correctly traced and cut out so that it matches up to the bottom portion of the slipper making the sewing process so much easier!


Slipper Traces

After my test sew came the fun part – at least it was fun for my nieces. I painted the bottom of their feet, which apparently is very ticklish. There was a lot of squirming and laughing involved.


Painting kids feet for bottom of slipper

We pressed their feet onto the precut fabric pattern, let it dry for about 20 minutes, and then it was time to sew all of the pieces together.


Kids footprints on bottom of slipper

Following the steps on the project sheet made sewing all of the pieces together pretty easy. The tricky part was attaching the bias binding. One helpful hint I was given was to pin the bias binding onto the slipper, then using a steamer, go around the curve to help the binding conform to the shape of the slipper before sewing it on.

And voila! Our very special, one-of-a-kind slippers were completed! We know she is going to love them, and we had so much fun making them together.

Finished Footprint Slippers