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- Sew Newsworthy Inspiration

Beginner Sewing Advice from an Expert

Ron has been with SINGER® for over 50 years! He’s the Director North America-Dealer Retail Operations, and an expert at sewing basics. He’s got a lot to say about sewing, so we thought we’d ask him about it.

Beginner Sewing Advice from an Expert



SINGER TEAM: Why do you like to sew?


RON: I like to sew things for other people. It’s empowering. I also started sewing because that was one of the hiring requirements when I first worked at Singer. All of the functions that are built into machines now, I had to learn how to do by hand.


ST: Wow! That sounds like a lot of training. Can I ask what you like to sew?


R: I like to sew gifts--especially men’s ties. I would embroider his [the person receiving the gift] initials on the tie so that people would know I made it just for them. I also liked to sew buttonholes! I used to make a good little business sewing buttonholes for other people.


ST: You are a true business man at heart. I also love the idea of a customized tie--made from the heart. That’s so special. What was or is your favorite machine to sew on?


R: 401a Slant-O-Matic. We don’t have it anymore, but it was my favorite machine to sew on--hands down!


ST: I love a vintage machine! It sounds like an oldie, but a goodie. Speaking of machines, what is your must-have accessory or attachment?


R: The buttonhole attachment--for vintage machines, anyway. Most machines these days come with a built-in buttonhole, so if your machine already has that, you have to have a buttonhole presser foot!


ST: Agreed! Buttonholes are essential. Finally, what’s your best sewing tip for a beginner sewist?


R: Start a project you can finish. So many people start with jackets or pants--those can be really difficult for someone just starting out. A lot of people also don’t know right away that there’s a “right” and “wrong” side of your fabric. Patterns can be hard to understand at first; pick something simple. Consider making something as a gift for a friend or family member. You might spend more time perfecting that gift--especially because it’s not for yourself.


ST: Patterns can be super difficult to understand if you’re not used to looking at them--I agree with you. Pants can be so tricky! That’s some pretty solid advice. Well, Ron, thanks so much for chatting with me today. I really appreciate you!


R: You’re welcome!


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