Ouate PFAFF® In-R-Form Plus™ 36" x 30 yards

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Le molleton In-R-Form Plus™ est une alternative de molleton professionnelle ultra-résistante en polyester. Il fusionne avec le tissu des deux côtés et est parfait pour Courtepointe, l'artisanat et plus encore.

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Points forts
  • Easy to sew, even with multiple layers

  • Adds volume to sewing projects

  • Offers the resilience of polyester foam

  • Ideal for handbags, accessories, table runners, crafts and quilts

  • Fusible on both sides

Le molleton In-R-Form Plus™ est une alternative au bâton ultra-résistant et professionnel et fusible des deux côtés. Peut être utilisé partout où le bâton est utilisé. Fabriqué en polyester pour une durabilité accrue.



1. Use a steam iron only, hand steamers will not permanently bond batting to fabric.

2. Set iron to wool setting.

3. Place In-R-Form Plus on the wrong side of the fabric, turn over and cover with the second piece of fabric wrong side down.

4. Fuse by covering one side of fabric with a damp cloth. Press with moderate pressure for 8-10 seconds or until all the fabric is fused to the batting.

5. Flip the construction over and repeat on the other side.

6. Let fabric cool completely before checking bond. Repeat pressing if necessary.

7. For fusing only one side of In-R- Form Plus, place Teflon ironing sheet or parchment paper under fusible batting, apply fabric wrong side down and fuse as outlined above.

Not recommended for triacetate, seersucker or most types of rainwear.