PFAFF® Best of Needles 4-Pack (20 Needles Total)

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Les 4 paquets d'aiguilles les plus vendus en 1
Ce pack contient des aiguilles universelles comprend, des aiguilles pour denim, des aiguilles Courtepointe et des aiguilles à broder, chacune dans des tailles assorties.

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  • Assortment of top selling PFAFF® Needles for a variety of projects

  • Each pack includes an assortment of sizes

  • Includes a Universal Needles 10-Pack, Denim Needles 5-Pack, Quilting Needles 5-Pack and Embroidery Needles 5-Pack

Top 4 Selling Needle Packs In 1
This bundle pack includes 5-Packs of Universal Needles, Denim Needles, Quilting Needles, and Embroidery Needles, each in assorted sizes for light to medium weight fabrics.