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Home Decor


Inspire Your Heart with Art

We created a grouping of canvas squares in a variety of colors, but choose any color theme that works for you.



Tip #1: If you want to apply ribbons and trims to the main fabric, or if you want to do any decorative machine stitching, this should be done before the fabric is attached to the canvas. Arrange the ribbons or trims onto the main fabric and sew in place. For decorative stitching, it’s a good idea to first apply a fusible interfacing to the back side of the fabric to help prevent the decorative stitches from puckering. Tip #2: If you want to shorten a zipper before applying it to the piece, be sure to cut it with an old scissor. The zipper teeth (especially if they are the metal kind) could possibly damage your good fabric cutting scissors, so reserve your good scissors for fabric only! Tip #3: Use a Cording Foot* to gather scrap fabric strips or ribbons to make flower rosettes. To do this, place a cord or topstitching thread, into the center hole of the Cording Foot. Use a zigzag stitch to sew the cord near one long edge of the strip, taking care not to stitch into the cord itself. When finished, use the cord to gather the strip. Secure using a hand sewing needle and all-purpose thread, then attach to the main piece. (Check out the SINGER® website for more on using the Cording Foot.) Tip #4: Wrap the canvas with fabric in the color theme desired. Use a medium-weight woven fabric, such as quilting cotton. Make sure the fabric is large enough to pull around to the back side of the canvas so that it can be secured in place with a stapler or staple gun. Tip #5: Use a glue gun or other adhesive to affix the assorted buttons, bobbins, etc. onto the front of the canvas.