SINGER® Best 3 Needle Packs Bundle

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TIP: For highest sewing quality, change your needle every 6 - 8 hours of sewing and/or type of fabric. SINGER needles are compatible with all brands of domestically sold sewing machines.

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Our most used and requested needles! Needle packs include:

Universal Needles assorted sizes: Easily slips through weave of knits and woven fabric with rounded tip and tapered end.

  • 5-Count
  • Rounded tip and tapered end
  • Best for sheer, lightweight and medium weight knit and woven fabrics
  • Color-codes sizes include 1 size 70/10, 2 size 80/12 and 2 size 90/14 needles

Denim Needles assorted sizes: Reduces breakage and skip stitches due do reinforced blade with the rounded tip and tapered end.

  • 5-Count
  • Regular point
  • Heavy Duty needles for stitching a variety of heavier fabrics
  • Color-coded sizes include 2 size 90/14, 2 size 100/16 and 1 size 110/18 needles

Ball Point Needles assorted sizes: Designed to slide between the yarns of knit fabrics without snagging with a rounded tip.

  • 5-Count
  •  Ball Point design
  • Best for medium to heavy-weight knit fabrics
  • Color-coded sizes include 1 size 70/10, 2 size 80/12 and 2 size 90/14 needles.

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