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- SIY Sew It Yourself Tips & Hints Inspiration

Personalized Slippers for Mother's Day

For Mother’s Day my nieces and I wanted to create something unique and special to gift to their mom.  Being the awesome person she is, the girls try to be just like her.  They constantly follow

Embroidery, Quilting, Sewing
- SIY Sew It Yourself Tips & Hints Inspiration

Ideas for Heirloom Inspired Quilt Blocks

This heirloom-inspired quilt features warm, tone-on-tone fabrics and threads, providing a monochromatic, vintage appearance.  Machine embroidery, along with a variety of decorative stitching techniques have embellished the quilt blocks.  Fabrics used in the quilt are dupioni silk, cotton, batiste, silk organza and cotton organdy.  Rayon, cotton and metallic threads provide added interest throughout the entire piece.  Read on for more details about five different techniques used in this quilt.

- SIY Sew It Yourself Inspiration

Pineapple Grilling Apron

For the Dad who can do it all, this grilling apron makes the perfect DIY Father’s Day gift! Designed and created by @canvascosplay on his HEAVY DUTY 4411.

- SIY Sew It Yourself Inspiration

DIY Crop Top and Skirt Set - sew&tell

Made this cute summer set out of a banana print fabric. Thought it was perfect for this hot weather.

- Sew Newsworthy Tips & Hints Inspiration

Will It Sew?

We gathered a variety of unconventional materials and stitched through them to illustrate just what the Heavy Duty Sewing Machine line from SINGER is capable of.

- SIY Sew It Yourself Tips & Hints Inspiration

The Carry Bag

Carry your yoga mats, beach towels, books, and more in this universal Carry Bag!

Embroidery, Quilting, Serger, Sewing
- Sew Newsworthy Inspiration

Desktop and Mobile Sewing Wallpapers

A great way to show off your love for sewing!

- SIY Sew It Yourself Techniques Inspiration

Sewn Cards for Any Occasion

The summer has arrived! And with it comes a busy season of weddings, graduations, and holidays.  With all the receptions to attend and the gifts to buy, we were brainstorming for a way to personalize gifts for our friends and family. What better way to personalize something than to sew it?! Using scrap fabric squares from previous projects, we quickly created these unique, adorable cards that fit into any occasion on our calendar this season.

Embroidery, Sewing
- Sewing 101 Getting Started Tips & Hints Inspiration

Learning to Sew

I’m so excited to share my first project with you!  New to sewing, only 2 months in, I thought it would be kind of awesome for you to follow along as I tackle this new venture.  I probably won’t know a lot of answers if you have questions but will make sure to connect with my peers to get you answers.  So on to the project!