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- Sewing Inspiration

Singer Unsewn Talent Contest

The Singer Unsewn Talent contest is all about one thing: finding up-and-coming fashion designers, thrift flippers, and DIY-ers who want to show the world their passion.


After submitting an original sewing project and being voted on by our Instagram audience, we've chosen five winners to tell us about who they are, give us a tour of their sewing space, and showcase a few sewing tips and ideas. Check them out below, and learn more by clicking to visit their Instagram profiles! 


Winner 1: Baby Face Jake

Meet Jake, A.K.A. Baby Face Jake! Currently a college student studying computer science, Jake first started sewing by personalizing sneakers and DIY-ing his own clothes. Now, Jake is selling his custom designs, and hopes to one day be a full-time designer! Get to know him and his work in the following videos. Instagram profile


Winner 2: Kinn

Hunter, also known as Kinn, is a garment sewist inspired by the fashion backgrounds of his sister and brother-in-law. Now, he loves being creative and designing fashion pieces, and has some big plans for the future! Meet Kinn in the following videos. Instagram profile


Winner 3: Seemless Seamstress

Get to know Steph Costa, the Seemless Seamstress. Sewing runs in the family for Steph, as she first learned to sew from her grandmother, a seamstress in Brazil who still uses her 62-year-old Singer sewing machine. Learn more about Steph in these clips! Instagram profile