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Visit to start sewing unique, and fun projects using our fabrics! Whether you’re a general sewist, a crafter, a quilter, a garment sewist, or all of the above, we have projects for everyone!

Singer Fabric Example Projects



The SINGER Fabric line is curated by artists around the globe.  When designing this collection, our goal was to offer an inspiring assortment of solid and print fabrics that reflects our rich heritage and passion for sewing. These materials feature beautiful solids, watercolor florals, glitter fabrics and fun novelty prints.

You are sure to find the perfect materials to inspire your creativity with SINGER® Fabrics.



We understand the importance of quality! We offer exclusively 100% ring spun cotton for our fabrics. 


Unsure what “ring spun” means?

Ring spun cotton is smoother and longer than open end yarn. The term “ring spun” means that the yarn goes through an innovative spinning process that’s designed to thoroughly soften and straighten each fiber. The result? Softer, more refined and durable fabrics (aka pieces you want to wear).


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In addition to offering top-of-the-line fabrics, our entire series was curated by an all-female team, each member representing a different part of the world, and its culture. Every fabric series will consist of a small team of hand-selected professional creative women, each with their own aesthetic to share with sewists of all levels.


We offer fabrics in 2-yard cuts and Fat Quarter bundles - Coming Soon Jelly Rolls!

What’s a fat quarter, and how does it compare to a yard of fabric?

A fat quarter of fabric is the same amount of fabric as a typical yard, but it’s more of a square shape instead of a long and narrow rectangle. Usually, if you buy a quarter yard of fabric, the piece would be 9 inches by whatever the width of the fabric is, let's say 44". A fat quarter of fabric means you'll cut a half yard of fabric, 18" across the width of fabric, in our example 44".  And then cut the width in half.  So a fat quarter in our example would be 18" x 22" of fabric. Fat quarters are most commonly used for quilting, but they are full of versatility! Get a little more wiggle room for appliqué, too.

We've taken the time and stress out of matching fabrics! Our bundles come beautifully coordinated with colors and prints only available from SINGER.

What’s a jelly roll?

A curated bundle of 2.5" wide strips of fabric perfectly pre-cut for whatever your creativity has in store. These handy bundles save quilters a significant amount of time because the fabric is already cut into precise, thin strips. Plus, jelly rolls offer cohesion; typically, a jelly roll consists of coordinating colors and fabrics. Speed up your quilt-making process with jelly rolls!


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Denise Palmer: A Watercolor Artist, Illustrator, & Pattern Designer.

Denise Anne Palmer

When I was little, I was constantly drawing something. Whether it was

crayons, paint, chalk, or watercolors; I loved all mediums and art was my

favorite! We had an assignment to do a mock cover of a magazine and it

was by far my most loved project as a teen. For the project I used a

photograph of my boyfriend when he was 4 years old (he would be my

future husband, but I didn’t know it then) – and it is my favorite piece of

high school memorabilia! We married while I was in college and started

our family. I began designing in 2009 doing photo greeting cards for family 

and friends, and then started doing freelance design work for companies 

like Crane & Company, Publix, Alpine Baby Co, Green & Lyme planner 

company, just to name a few. I now run my own design studio providing

art licensing and resources for creative businesses.


Linn Warme: Sweden-Based Pattern Designer and Illustrator.


Making patterns, painting and mixing different pattern styles together

is the best thing I know. I’m a curious person, always up for trying

New techniques and learning something new, so I often listen to the

radio pretending to learn about science and space while I work and

paint. I love collaborations and welcome anything big or small.


Maria Montiel: Barcelona-Based Graphic Designer.

Now based in Barcelona at the vibrant Barrio of Gràcia, Maria

completed her degree in Graphic design with a specialization in

pattern design in Madrid (Instituto Europeo de Diseño, 2009). With a

grandfather who was an art collector and her parents architects, she

developed an artistic soul from an early age. She takes inspiration from

her memories, her Dad’s orchid garden, and her travels. The jungle

of Latin America with its vivid colors and rich textures blooms in her

organic and colorful illustrations. Maria mainly uses watercolor to

create imaginative worlds full of warmth and magic, aimed at infecting

everyone with joy. When living in Venezuela, she fell in love with the

“Cayena blanca”-flower (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis) on an excursion with

Friends. She therefore started to brand herself under that name to create

products with her prints (smartphone cases, notebooks, stationary,

accessories).She regularly proposes creative workshops in her 

studio, and works on commissioned work.