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XL-6000 Conversion Software

XL-6000 Conversion Software

Conversion Software

What the Conversion Software is:

The Conversion Software is a tool designed to allow easy and direct transfer of pre-digitized embroidery designs from the PC to the Quantum®  XL-6000 Sewing machine. Simply open the desired design from the Conversion software and transmit it to the Quantum®  XL-6000 machine. Nearly all popular embroidery formats are available to allow for importing almost any design. Basic editing functions are included, such as Clean Up, Center or Change Color of a design.

What the Conversion Software is not:

The Conversion Software is not a program that allows creating or digitizing original designs. Stitch placement may not be altered in any way. Stitches may not be moved, added to or deleted. The design may not be resized. Basically, the design is exactly the way it appears on the screen.

How Conversion Software Communicates with Quantum® XL-6000:

The Conversion Software and the PC communicate with the Quantum®  XL-6000 through a special serial port cable called a Null Modem Cable, (Singer Part # 270-10D1-20206 for 6-foot cable, Part # 270-10D1-20210 for 10-foot cable). This special cable is a 9-pin cable with both a male and female end, one for the PC and one for the sewing machine. The wiring in a Null Modem cable is configured in a way to allow communication to flow both ways between the two devices, the PC, and the machine. A straight serial port cable will not allow the information to flow back and forth. However, a Null Modem Adapter may be added to a straight serial port cable, creating the same effect.

For more information on the Quantum®  XL-6000 Conversion Software, you can download the User's Guide here.