Bags / Cases
Your machine will be easy to transport and protected while in storage.
Keeps fabrics from distorting during embroidery or decorative machine stitching.
Scissors for all types of sewing from embroidery to quilting or tailoring
Garment Care
Pressing tools and more to keep your fabrics and fashions looking their best.
Dress Forms
Like having a personal sewing assistant! Use functionally or even decoratively!
Sewing Aids
Thimbles, books, seam rippers, and more to provide the tools and knowledge to take your sewing to the next level.
Sewing and Crafting Tools
Everything you need for simple sewing or crafting tasks. Handy when you travel or for emergency repairs.
Cabinets / Tables
Cabinets and Tables to provide great sewing surfaces and space for all your accessories and notions.
Patches and Adhesives
You will love these sew and no-sew solutions
Choose the right thread for your fabric or project
Fasteners and Pins
A must have for basting or closures on a garment