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Keep Sewing Simple

Keep sewing stress-free with these tips, tricks, and sewing machines

Keep Sewing Simple



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Keep Sewing Simple

There's a sewing machine for every type of sewing! 


Sewing machines aren’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing! The right machine can be determined by the types of projects you think you’ll be sewing the most. While many of our machines can be used for multiple projects, you’ll want to be sure that you have the best equipment for your fabrics and the frequency at which you’ll be sewing. Get the best recommendations for crafters, quilters, thrift flippers, and everyone in between by using our Machine Finder. Pick your project, and get sewing.


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Many of our sewing machines have free manuals online! As an effort to commit to being more environmentally conscious, we no longer offer paper manuals; instead we offer printable ones. Plus, you can learn more about our sewing machines by visiting our YouTube channel. Our channel has a series of "Getting Started" sewing videos. Type in the name of the machine model in the search bar, and become an expert!


Sewing Tips


The time-savers are in the details! Quickly filter to select your favorite features on our website. Features like the Top Drop-In Bobbin allows you to know when to refill your bobbin before it runs out. The Automatic Needle Threader feature makes threading the eye of your needle easy! Lastly, our favorite "hidden" feature is the Drop Feed. Some machine's feed teeth can be lowered for button sewing or free-motion sewing--a must-have for quilters!


Sewing Tips with Accessories


The right accessory can save time without cutting corners. A couple of our favorites include the Portable Bobbin Winder and the Even Feed/Walking Presser Foot. The compact Bobbin Winder is great for larger-than-life projects because you won't have to stop sewing to refill your bobbin. The Even Feed Presser Foot has feed dogs built into the accessory--allowing thicker materials to feed through the machine without puckering.


Keep checking our website for more sewing hacks!

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