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- Sew Newsworthy Inspiration

Homemade Holidays with SINGER®

The holidays are almost upon us, and there’s never been a better time to reconnect with your loved ones. Celebrate the most important people in your life by joining us for our first-ever Homemade Holidays. Spread peace, love, and joy from now through New Years--without breaking the bank.


Homemade Holidays with SINGER®

Hand Sanitizer Pouch

We want to keep you inspired with a new project every week through the rest of the year. Get a head start on the season’s projects with this Tissue and Hand Sanitizer Pouch made from scrap fabric. Complete this project with the user-friendly SINGER® SimpleTM 3232 Sewing Machine. With a variety of customizable stitches and $90 of included accessories, you can give each pouch its own unique touch. Plus, you can get started sewing quickly by watching our Owner’s Class video about the SimpleTM 3232. This simple project is made entirely of straight stitches, so you’ll want to be sure your seams are precise. Sew your straight stitches along a built-in “ruler” using the Sew Easy Presser Foot, and ensure that you stitch on track.


Plaid Shirt Inspiration

This holiday season looks a little different, but you can still accomplish the impossible with these tips, tricks and sewing projects--you just need the right tools. From the best sewing machines to the must-have accessories, you’ll be able to spread peace and love in the most unique ways.


Plaid Shirt Thrift Flipping

Take a visit to your local thrift store to get inspired. Turn that oversized men’s flannel into a boxy crop top using just a small handful of stitches. Sew along with friend of SINGER®, Jessica Shaw, as she flips her thrift store finds. See her SINGER® TalentTM 3323 sewing machine in action, and consider adding this classic mechanical machine to your sewing room. With 101 customizable stitch applications and included accessories, this machine is perfect for the budding fashionistas. Push your creative limits without putting a strain on your budget by using some simple refashioning techniques.

Lips Pin Cushion

This kissable pin cushion is the perfect gift for sewists at all levels. It’s as cute as it is functional, and it can be made with leftover scrap fabric. We suggest using the StylistTM 7258 sewing machine for this project because of its built-in decorative stitches. Experiment with the texture and design of your pin cushion. You can set the sewing speed of your machine, so you’re in control--this is especially helpful for tiny projects like this one! Complete with $165+ of included accessories, you’ll be able to create the most fun and funky pin cushions. 


Dotted Line

Spread peace, love and joy this holiday season. Create something truly unique for the people in your life--without breaking the bank.

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