Husqvarna® Viking® Fusible Whisper Web Mesh Stabilizer 12" x 10 Yards

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Un estabilizador termoadhesivo de poliéster texturizado semitransparente diseñado para eliminar el volumen, la rigidez y la transparencia

La malla oculta fusible de Husqvarna® Viking® es un estabilizador termoadhesivo de poliéster texturizado semitransparente diseñado para eliminar el volumen, la rigidez y la transparencia de un estabilizador permanente. Se utiliza como soporte permanente y es ideal para prendas y tejidos con elasticidad, así como para aplicaciones que estarán cerca de la piel. La naturaleza translúcida de esta entretela elimina el volumen, la rigidez y el sombreado característicos de otros tipos de entretelas permanentes. El estabilizador de malla oculta fusible de Husqvarna® Viking® se aplica a la parte posterior de la tela antes de comenzar a trabajar con la tela, lo que evita la distorsión durante el proceso de bastidor. ¡No se necesitan adhesivos en aerosol ni pegamentos complicados!

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A Semi-Sheer Textured Polyester Iron-On Cut Away Stabilizer Designed To Eliminate The Bulk, Stiffness And Show Through

Husqvarna® Viking® Fusible No-Show Mesh is a semi-sheer textured polyester iron-on cut away stabilizer designed to eliminate the bulk, stiffness and show through of a stay-in stabilizer. It is used as a permanent backing and is ideal for garments and fabrics with stretch as well as applications that will be close to the skin. The translucent nature of this stabilizer eliminates the bulk, stiffness and shadowing characteristic of other types of permanent stabilizers. Husqvarna® Viking® Fusible “No Show” Mesh stabilizer is applied to the back of your fabric prior to hooping, preventing distortion during the hooping process. No messy spray adhesives or glues needed!

Características adicionales


1. Cut a piece of Fusible No-Show Mesh large enough to fit in hoop (hoop dimension plus at least 1” on all four sides). The shinier side of No-Show is the fusible side.

2. Position the fusible side on the wrong side of fabric area for embroidery. Fusible No-Show Mesh irons on with the iron set between medium and high. (Use appropriate heat for type of fabric being ironed.)

3. Press to fuse in place. Since this will be peeled back when completed, it does not require a permanent bond.

4. Position fabric and stabilizer in hoop. Hoop fabric; tighten without pulling or stretching. If needed, add a second layer of No-Show Mesh or a light tear away for the higher stitch count designs.

5. Stitch the embroidery.

6. When the embroidery is finished, trim away excess No-Show Mesh, leaving about ¼” on outside edge of embroidery design.

7. Follow fabric recommendations for machine washing, dry cleaning and pressing.