Bateo PFAFF® In-R-Form™ 36" x 30 yardas

sku 821422096
El bateo In-R-Form™ es una alternativa de bateo profesional y ultrafuerte hecha de poliéster. Se fusiona con la tela por un lado y es perfecto para acolchar, manualidades y más.
  • Easy to sew, even with multiple layers

  • Adds volume to sewing projects

  • Offers the resilience of polyester foam

  • Ideal for handbags, accessories, table runners, crafts and quilts

El bateo In-R-Form™ es una alternativa de bateo profesional y ultrafuerte. Se puede utilizar en cualquier lugar donde se utilice bateo. Fabricado en poliéster para mayor durabilidad.



1. Replace single-layer batting in your favorite pattern with a single layer of In-R-Form. If your pattern calls for a double layer of batting, only use one layer of In-R-Form.

2. Sew as you would with traditional polyester batting.

3. We recommend prewashing and shrinking any 100% cotton fabrics in advance.

4. In-R-Form is 100% polyester and will not shrink. Failure to preshrink your decorative fabrics will cause puckering later when the project is washed and dried.

5. Any wrinkles in the product can be removed by lightly steaming the product on your iron’s lowest setting.

6. Finished projects can be ironed with a steam iron on moderate heat and steam to remove the fabric wrinkles.