SINGER® SteamWorks™ Classic Mint Steam Central

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Dewrinkle, disinfect, eliminate odors and mites in seconds with SteamWorks™ Classic. Select the temperature according to the type of fabric and your clothes will look like new in just seconds.

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Get the best care for your garments with SINGER SteamWork Classic. Give color and care to every corner of your home. It includes a water tank with a capacity of 2 liters, when you turn it on it will only take 45 seconds for it to start emitting continuous steam that will last 60 minutes to dewrinkle, sanitize and eliminate bad odors and mites in your clothes.


Regulate the height of the center with its telescopic bar and forget about burns since it includes a protective glove and its textile hose. You can accommodate all types of clothing as it includes a foldable hook for storage. It contains 3 accessories that will give your garments a detailed finish.