SINGER® SP550 Ironer

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The SINGER® ironer is a garment care product designed to save time and money with dry cleaning results without leaving home.

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Dry cleaning-style finishes with the SINGER® SP550 ironer from the comfort of your home. Its two metal plates cover 5 times the size of a conventional iron and its aluminum coating will concentrate the steam to eliminate the most difficult wrinkles. With the analogue selector, regulate the heating of the plates between 5 temperature levels depending on the type of fabric to be ironed. By pressing the front buttons you will expel the powerful blast of steam supported by its energy indicators that will light up when ready. It includes a 150 ml water tank that will give you the exact ironing time.

The ironer works on a flat surface or you can also find a base to place it as an additional accessory. Greater safety when using since it has an automatic shut-off system and you can transport it easily since it has a padlock to prevent the metal plates from opening. Forget about difficult wrinkles and always look in detail.