SINGER® Simple™ 3210 Sewing Machine & Needles

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Ideal for designing any craft or starting a home sewing project. The Simple 3210 sewing machine offers multiple features that make it easy to use. Includes 4 presser feet that improve and expand sewing functions.

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Practicality in every project with SINGER® Simple 3210. Its 10 stitches will help you create basic sewing projects for your home. Its internal metal structure will give you the necessary stability so that it does not vibrate when sewing. The machine's motor offers you the power you need to carry out household work and small crafts; ideal for sewing for up to 4 continuous hours.


Includes 3 basic presser feet to perform functions such as buttonholes, closures and all types of haberdashery sewing. Start your first sewing project at home and don't limit your creativity.