SINGER® S0105 Overlock & Needles

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Get professional finishes and perfect threading thanks to the LED light on its lower hooks.

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Get professional finishes on any type of fabric with SINGER® Overlock S0105. Overcast and cut simultaneously with 4, 3 and 2 threads. Discover the ease of threading your Overlock machine thanks to its color guide and LED light that illuminate the threading hooks.


Make different finishes such as:

  • Overcasting for professional finishes with 2 to 4 threads
  • Overcast with simulated safety stitch with 4 threads
  • Flat overcasting of 3 threads with different widths (1.5 to 6.7 mm)
  • Wounded overcast with 3 threads
  • Overcasting with 2 threads
  • Festoon
  • Rolled scarf hem with 2 or 3 threads
  • Ruffles and pleats
  • Don't limit your creativity and dare to start your first sewing project.