SINGER® M3505 Sewing Machine & Needles

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The M3505 sewing machine is perfect for any type of sewing with its variety of stitches. Modern and ergonomic model! Perfect for innovative and more ambitious projects.

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Express your creativity with SINGER® M3505 and set trends in each of your projects. Includes 32 sewing stitches with adjustable stitch length and width to work on all types of fabrics: Rigid and elastic. Sew like a professional with its one-step buttonhole and overlock stitches for more technical jobs. Its internal metal structure will give you stability so that it does not vibrate when sewing. The machine's motor will give you the power you need to do professional sewing jobs for up to 4 hours. Includes 4 basic presser feet to perform functions such as buttonholes, closures, buttons and all types of haberdashery sewing. Put your personal style in each project.