SINGER® M3405 Sewing Machine & Needles

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Modern and ergonomic model! Express your personality in each project with the M3405 sewing machine, perfect for any type of sewing thanks to the variety of stitches.

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Express your personality with SINGER® M3405 and enjoy the 23 stitches that will make you sew like a professional. Includes utility stitches for sewing on thick fabrics like denim and cotton; decorative and flexible to work on elastic fabrics, as well as Overlock stitches for professional finishes. Its easy threading guide, automatic threader and one-step buttonhole will make sewing your favorite hobby. The machine's motor will give you the power you need to do professional sewing jobs for up to 4 hours. Includes 4 basic presser feet to perform functions such as buttonholes, closures, buttons and all types of haberdashery sewing. Its automatic threader will make sewing easier on every project.