SINGER® M2105 Sewing Machine

sku 230213115
$ 6,199.00
The M2105 machine is perfect for beginners but also meets the needs of an expert. Practicality for your decoration and home projects.
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Start your first sewing project with the SINGER® M2105, you'll find a portable free-arm machine that will help you sew any project from start to finish. Includes 8 utilitarian and decorative stitches with preset stitch lengths and widths so you can unleash your creativity on each project. The machine's motor will give you the power you need to do household work and small crafts, sewing for up to 4 hours. Includes 4 basic presser feet to perform functions such as buttonholes, closures, buttons and all types of haberdashery sewing. Its easy threading guide will make sewing your favorite hobby.