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SINGER Ruffler Attachment

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Creates perfectly spaced pleats and gathers while you sew. Easily adjust the closeness and depth based on your project or preference.

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  • Create perfectly spaced pleats and gathers
  • Easily adjust closeness and depth
  • Use with light to medium Fabrics
  • Fits: M1, C1, E1 series (see Product Details tab for specific models)

The Ruffler Attachment is used to create perfectly spaced pleats and gathers. It makes uniform pleats at set intervals and can tuck every twelfth stitch, sixth stitch, every stitch or not at all! The SINGER ruffler attachment works best with light to medium weight fabrics. Move the ruffle regulator to determine the frequency of tucks (it can tuck every twelfth stitch, sixth stitch, every stitch or not at all). Turn the adjusting screw to determine how much fabric is pushed into the attachment each time it tucks.

See the QUICK GUIDES tab for additional information and sewing inspiration. 

Compatible With

M1: 1507, 1507WC, 8280, Tradition Series: 2250, 2259, Simple Series: 2263, 3116, 3221, 3223, 3229 3232, Promise Series: 1408, 1409, 1512, 2273 Esteem. M2: Heavy Duty Series: 4411, 4423, 4432, 5511, 5523, 5532, 5554, 4443, 4452 Talent Series: 3321, 3323, 3323S, 44S Classic. M3: Inspiration Series: 4205, 4206, 4210, 4212, 4218, 4220, 4228. M4: Commercial Grade Series: CG-500, CG-550, CG-590, Professional Series: HD-105, HD-110, P-1250.

C1: 2010 Superb, ET-1 Perfect Finish, H74, 9340, 9100 Professional. C2: 5400 Sew Mate, 5500 Fashion Mate, 6160, 6180 Brilliance, 6199 Brilliance. C3: Curvy Series: 8763, 8770, 8780, 5625 Stylist II, 8768 Heritage, 2009 Athena, Singer One & One Plus, 160 Anniversary Machine, 70 Jo-Ann Fabric Anniversary,Confidence 7400 Series including 7467S Confidence Stylist, 7469 Confidence, 7469Q Confidence Quilter, 7470, 7256 Fashion Mate, 7258 Stylist, 7285Q Patchwork, S800 Fashionista. C4: Quantum Series: 9910, 9920, 9940, 9960, 9970, 9980, 9985.

E1: Futura models CE100, CE150, CE180, CE200, CE250, CE350, SES1000, SES2000. E2: Futura models CE100, CE150, CE180, CE200, CE250, CE350, SES1000, SES2000 FQ-4, SEQS-6000, SEQS-6700, XL-400,XL-420, XL-550, XL-580, 5 Quintet 8500Q Modern Quilter.