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- SIY Sew It Yourself Techniques Inspiration

Sewn Cards for Any Occasion

The summer has arrived! And with it comes a busy season of weddings, graduations, and holidays.  With all the receptions to attend and the gifts to buy, we were brainstorming for a way to personalize gifts for our friends and family. What better way to personalize something than to sew it?! Using scrap fabric squares from previous projects, we quickly created these unique, adorable cards that fit into any occasion on our calendar this season.

Sewn Cards for Any Occasion

Taking blank, medium-weight, note cards, scrap fabric, and a size 12 needle, we customized the designs for anything from a Father’s Day gift to a wedding shower note to show the loved ones in our lives how much we appreciate them.

                                            Sewn Cards Close UpSewn Card Red with Envelope  

After cutting out the design, we used quilting clips to anchor the fabric in place as we sewed it with a straight stitch or a decorative stitch. We loved this green for a Father’s Day card!

Sewing Fabric on Cards


An easy detail is to remove the upper thread and the bobbin and just stitch around the edges of the paper to create decorative holes in the paper.


Sewn Card with Extra Details


                      Sewn Card in EnvelopeSewn Card EnvelopeSewn Card out of Envelope


Don’t forget, you can sew the envelope too!

We love floral prints, so of course we incorporated some small flowers on the more feminine cards for the graduates in our lives. This was the perfect opportunity to use decorative stitches and fun thread colors to really make these cards pop!

                                   Sewn Card Floral Close UpSewn Card Red with Envelope


For a quick bridal design, we traced the silhouette of a dress onto some cotton, cut it out, and anchored it to a white card with clips. Once this was stitched down, we used a tiny piece of tulle and stitched it above the dress to make it look like a veil!

Sewn Card Wedding


The creative possibilities with these cards are endless! All they need now is a personal note on the inside and they are ready to send!

Sewn Cards All