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Endless Hoop Support

Endless Hoop Support


  • SINGER ® | Superb ™ EM200 embroidery-only machine

  • SINGER ® | Legacy ™ SE300 sewing and embroidery machine

  • SINGER ® | Legacy ™ SE340 sewing and embroidery machine


IntroductionFlower Embroidery Design

Your machine comes with a Large Hoop (10¼” x 6” / 260mm x 150mm) and a Small Hoop (4” x 4” / 100mm x 100mm). However, an Endless Hoop (7” x 4” /180mm x 100mm) is now available as an optional accessory! This special hoop allows you to embroider designs perfectly aligned with one another from end to end, so you can embellish fashions, home décor, quilts and more with beautiful endless borders! Find out more about the Endless Hoop Here.

How the Endless Hoop Works

The Endless Hoop differs from standard embroidery hoops in that the inner hoop and outer hoop are connected together on one side with a hinge. A lever at the front is used to raise and lower the inner hoop so you can move the fabric and stabilizer into position for the next repeat of the border being stitched. A straight edge on the hoop’s right side serves as a guide for aligning the right side edge of the fabric. When an endless design is finished stitching, the inner hoop is raised, the fabric and stabilizer are moved into new position, and the inner hoop is lowered again to resume embroidery.

Endless Hoop

Designs for Endless Hoop EmbroideryDesign With Connection Points
Designs embroidered with the Endless Hoop are special in that they contain “connection points”. Connection points (sometimes called “alignment stitches”) are temporary, “L-shaped” stitches that sew at each of the 4 corners of the design’s parameters, serving as reference points during the re-hooping process. Whenever you embroider borders using the Endless Hoop, the designs must have connection point stitches so that you know how to perfectly position the fabric within the hoop each time you move the fabric. Connection points are easily removed when embroidery is finished.

Six Free Designs for Download
There are 6 Endless Hoop designs available for free download at: All of these free designs (illustrated in your Endless Hoop instruction sheet) include the connection point stitches, so they are ready to use with your Endless Hoop! Simply log in to your account, then go to DOWNLOADS in the main menu. Instructions for downloading these designs can be found there.

Embroidery Design Embroidery Design

Updating the Machine for Endless Hoop
Before you can use the Endless Hoop, you must first update the machine so it will “recognize” the Endless Hoop. Once the machine has been updated, this hoop will be added to the Hoop List on your embroidery machine’s screen, shown as 180 x 100E (“E” for Endless). To download the update, log in to your account at, then go to DOWNLOADS in the main menu. Instructions for updating the machine can be found there.

Hoop List Before Hoop List After

Note:  The update for the Endless Hoop also contains the update for the optional 7” x 5” (180mm x 130mm) hoop Find out more at


How to Embroider Endless Designs
Hooping the Fabric
1. Make sure the edge of the fabric to be embroidered has neat, straight edge so that it will line up easily along the guide (A) at the right.
2. Move the lever (B) to the left and down to raise/lift the inner hoop (C). This opens the hoop so you can place the fabric and stabilizer in between the outer hoop and the inner hoop.
3. Position the edge of the fabric so that it lays straight along the guide (A) to ensure that your designs are straight/parallel to the fabric edge.
4. Move the lever (B) up and to the right to lower the inner hoop. It will snap in place to close the hoop. The fabric should be taut in the hoop for best results.

Embroidering an Endless Design
1. Select and embroider the desired endless design. The design finishes with a connection point (E) indicating where to begin stitching the next repeat of the design.
2. Use the “+” button (on the machine’s LCD screen) to move forward one stitch. The hoop moves to the start position of the next design repeat.
3. Move the lever (B) to the left and down to open the hoop. Move the fabric and stabilizer so the needle is exactly at the connection point (E) with the fabric edge straight/parallel to guide (A).
4. Move the lever (B) up and to the right until it snaps in place to close the hoop (C).
5. Once again, check to ensure that needle is right above the connection point.
6. Embroider the endless design. Repeat the steps listed above until your endless border has the desired number of repeats.

Instruction Images