PFAFF® Tear-a-Way Stitch-in-Ditch Stabilizer 12" x 70 Yards

sku 821436096
$28.99 MSRP
Has A Unique Dense Paper Fiber For Decorative Stitching

PFAFF® Stitch & Ditch is very light weight, yet has a unique dense paper fiber for decorative stitching, heirloom and light stitch count embroidery. It is easy to hoop 1-3 layers of stabilizer based on stitch count or fill density of embroidery or stitching. The dense paper quality makes it very easy to tear away and leaves little residue around stitch edges. Also, makes it easier to remove stabilizer residue from small open areas.

Stitch & Ditch is recommended for light weight woven stable fabrics. Not recommended for medium to heavy stitch counts or fabrics.

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1. Place stabilizer on wrong side of fabric.

2. Hoop fabric and stabilizer together.

3. Tighten hoop, pulling fabric and stabilizer piece equally.

4. Tear away excess stabilizer.