PFAFF® Circular Attachment

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Create Unique Circular Borders Or Graphic Patterns
Your perfect tool for making unique embellishments on sewing projects, garments and quilts! Sew simple circles, flowers, or parts of circles for one-of-a-kind borders and graphic patterns. Sew circles with a diameter of 2.5 to 10.25" (6 to 26 cm).

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Machine Compatibility

  • Create unique shapes, not possible with any other circular attachments
  • Create tulips, leaves and hearts in several different sizes
  • Sew large scale appliques or designs using built in stitches
  • Three easy to use templates, with markings and full instructions on how to create the designs

Almost all utility and decorative stitches can be used with this attachment.

Note: Stitches with default width wider than 9mm and stitches with backward feeding cannot be used.


When using the Circular Attachment, we recommend using an extension / quilter's table. This will give extra support to the fabric and make it easier to control and guide.

The shorter the stitch, the easier it is to achieve a nicely joined circle. When about to close the circle, slow down the sewing speed and, if necessary, adjust the stitch length to fill the gap.


You can make appliques with the circular attachment. Use fabric that does not fray or make raw edge appliques. You can also simply stitch your applique in place with a straight stitch, cut away the excess fabric, and finish by sewing a satin stitch over the raw edges. When using several layers of fabric, it is even more important to guide the fabric carefully, making sure that all the layers feed together equally.