PFAFF® Blind Hem Foot for admire™ 1000 Overlock Machine

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Sew Perfect Invisible Hems

Perfect for sewing invisible hems. The hem is sewn, overcast and trimmed in one easy step.

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How To Use:

1. Set the overlock machine for the desired stitch.

2. Snap on the Blindhem Foot.

3. Fold and press the hem in place. Turn the hem back on itself toward the right side of the fabric, leaving ¼” (6mm) of the edge exposed.

4. Place the hem under the foot with the fold against the guide on the foot.

5. Loosen guide screw to adjust the guide so the needle just catches the thread of the fold.

6. Guide the fabric as you sew, making sure the fold of the fabric is always against the guide.

7. Open the fabric and press lightly on the wrong side.

8. Test on a scrap piece of fabric before sewing your project.