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The Best of the Basics

You’ve got the machine, and you’ve learned how to use it. Now, it’s time to have a little fun. While there are a handful of sewing projects that require years of sewing experience, many of them just require the right accessories and attachments. Here, we’ll show you why and how certain accessories make sewing easy and enjoyable.

The Best of the Basics


you are gonna a need few things


find the right machine

 The Right Machine


If you've figured out what you'll be sewing the most of--whether it's elaborate costuming or simple fixes--you've got to find the right machine for the job. Don't worry, we've got you covered with our favorite sewing machines for garment making! Our “Best Fashion Sewing Machines” blog walks you through our recommendations for peak creativity.


Pro Tip: Many of our sewing machines are perfect for beginners--especially our computerized machines. All of the functions you’ll use on a regular basis are built into electronic machines. All you’ll have to learn is which button to press!




Some of the most intimidating projects can be simplified with the right accessories and attachments. These are some of our favorites:


Embroidery Hoops


If you’re hoping to make a 3D floral arrangement, or give your denim jacket an edge with traditional “flat” embroidery, these hoops are essential. Embroidery hoops keep your fabric taut, so your fabric doesn’t pinch or gather during stitching. Learn more about embroidery hoops here.


Presser Feet

Presser Feet

Presser feet allow your fabric to stay in place. While they’re not mandatory, we never recommend sewing without them!* Different presser feet can add ruffles, pleats, gathers, cording and more to your project. One of our favorite presser feet, the Gathering Foot, is shown above. Snap almost any presser feet on to your machine in seconds, and start sewing right away. Learn more about presser feet here.


Pro Tip: Our Accessory User Guide helps you determine which accessories pair best with your specific machine, and are best suited for your project.

*While it’s technically possible to sew without a presser foot--this method of sewing is known as “free-motion sewing”--we don’t recommend sewing this way. Without a presser foot, you’ll end up guiding the fabric through the machine yourself instead of letting the machine guide you. As a result, you could possibly bend or break your needle. This causes damage to your machine by scratching the hook (also known as the bobbin area), and you will not be able to form stitches. However, free-motion sewing isn’t a complete deal breaker; you’ll just have to use a special presser foot. We recommend using a special Darning Presser Foot.




Changing Needles

Make sure that you’ve got the right needle for the right fabric/project. Different needles can be paired with different machines. Click here to check out our blog about all things needles!


We’ve only shown you a handful of our favorites. Want more? Visit our YouTube channel!



dont forget

Garment Care

Tie off your project with garment care. It's likely that after you complete your project, it may not immediately appear brand new--you might see some folding creases next to your seams. Gently guide your fabrics into shape with a little bit of heat. Learn more about garment care here.


We offer projects, troubleshooting tips, and the best sewing resources to help you get started sewing. Explore our website, and start creating today! Visit our other blog about sewing resources to learn more.