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COVID-19 Update and FAQs

Due to COVID-19 and the huge surge in global demand for sewing machines, our service and inventory levels have been greatly impacted. Our factories are at full capacity and we are working around the clock to catch up.  We have increased our staff to better service you and to answer your calls, emails and social media messages as quickly as possible.   Updates have also been made to our website to provide you with easier checkout,  improved order tracking and clearer messaging of out of stocks - plus, the ability to sign up for email alerts on product pages for items we expect to be back in stock in within the next couple of months.   We appreciate your help in fighting this outbreak and thank you for your patience as we catch up.  Let's #sewunited.


Please use the below FAQ’s to help answer some of your order questions and concerns  --  and help protect you from counterfeit Singer sites and sewing machines. We appreciate your cooperation in attempting to find your answer below.


When and Why I should contact SINGER®?

- If the FAQs below do not sufficiently address your questions or issues, then please contact us for help.  Call wait times can still be quite long, so we suggest that you reach out via email to alert our Customer Care team of your needs. 

- Otherwise, please know that we are working to quickly fulfill your order and respond to your requests.


How do I know I'm buying from the official SINGER® site and purchasing real SINGER® products?

- With recent increased demand for sewing machines and a renewed excitement for getting into sewing, there are scammers and phishing sites who try to pose as the real deal.  

-  Make sure you see the proper website URL of to know that you are on the official Singer site.

-  If you are being asked to make your purchase with a Paypal account, this is a fraudulent site!  

-  If you see suspicious shopping sites and products, please contact our team us at   Thank you for your help as we actively work to remove these illegal entities.


I have called and can’t I get in touch with you? Why aren’t you responding?

- Sewing machines are one of the top 20 items in demand during this pandemic. As you know, they are being used to sew supplies for the medical community and for personal safety.  We were not prepared for the number of orders that we have received and have expanded our team to better serve you!.  Unfortunately,  with the unprecedented volume of customer calls, our hold times can be quite long -  our apologies, we know how frustrating this can be.  We are expanding our staff to respond more quickly.

- Hopefully you will find the information you're looking for below.  If not, we also offer Customer Care support via email at .


Where’s my order?

- When you place an order, we will send you an order confirmation email

- Depending upon stock available we may ship a partial order. Each time an item ships, you will receive a notification by email which will include your tracking number for that part of your order.

- Please check your spam/junk email folders as well.

- Please recognize that our warehouse is very busy fulfilling these essential items and that it could take up to seven business days to process and ship your order.

- Please be patient and understand that we will email you an order confirmation each time an item in your order is shipped.


When will you be back in stock on the sewing machine that I am looking for?

- Unfortunately, the demand for SINGER sewing machines around the globe still greatly exceeds what our factories can supply. However, new deliveries arrive each week and they are quickly made available for you to buy.

- We've updated our site to give you the ability to sign up for email alerts on product pages for items that we expect to be back in stock in this month or next. 

- We sincerely apologize that your favorite machine may be out of stock today. We thank you for your patience as we catch back up.


Can I get a rain check for out of stock items or be placed on a waiting list?

- Thank you for your interest in SINGER products.  Due to the unprecedented global demand for sewing machines, it is difficult to guarantee the timing of future deliveries, so we do not currently provide rain checks or maintain a waiting list.  However, we have updated our site to give you the ability to sign up for email alerts on product pages for items that will be back in stock this month. 


What do I do if I need to return an item?  How long does it take to get my refund?

- You have 30 days to return an item from the date you received it. Your returned item must be in the original package, and you must be the original owner. Only purchases from are eligible for returns.  Please email our Customer Care team at [email protected] and they will be happy to assist you.

- From the time we receive your return, it may take up to 3 weeks to process your refund. Your refund will be credited back to the credit card used for the original purchase.


Where are my needles and sewing accessories?

- We are currently out of stock for some sewing machine needles and accessories. However, we expect these items to be back in stock in the next few weeks.  You will receive an email from us just as soon as your items ship.


Why can’t I submit an order? 

If you are receiving an error message with your order, please check the below items and make sure they are correct

- Billing address is what you provided to your bank

- Credit Card number

- CVV (3 or 4 digit code on the back of your card)

- Expiration date


I have received part of my order, but my credit card has not been charged.

- If you have other items in your order that have not shipped your card will not be charged. Once all the items in your order have shipped, your credit card will be charged the full amount for the order.


What does it mean to have a pending charge on my credit card statement?

- When an order is initially submitted you will see a pending charge for the full amount of your order. If your order ships within 7 days it will then convert to the amount of your order.

- If your order has not shipped within 7 days or goes past 7 days, those pending charges will expire and the pending charge will be removed.  Once the order is fully shipped, we will then charge your card for the full amount of your order.


Why do I see a pending charge of zero dollars when my order was not accepted?

- As part of the credit card verification, a pending charge is posted.  There is no charge as it is zero dollars, and we are not holding any funds in this authorization.


Why was my order accepted then canceled?

- It is possible to have an accepted order end up canceled as inventory is updated.  

- If an order is successfully placed and we no longer have the inventory to fulfill your order, then the order is canceled.


Where’s my manual?

- As part of the SINGER® Green Initiative, SINGER® sewing brands eliminated over 1 million user manuals.  All  SINGER® machine manuals can now be found online at