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Con Crunch Challenge!

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It’s time for another round of the Con Crunch Challenge! Con Crunch is a four-part video series that follows a select group of cosplayers at crunch time, preparing for their big costume reveal at Cosplay events across the country.  Season 3 is sponsored by SINGER® and features the CP6350M Cosplay Edition Sewing Machine with a comic book inspired design and accessories curated by top cosplayers.  Watch each episode to learn more about this pop culture phenomenon and see who beats the Con Crunch Challenge!



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All of Season 2 Now Available.  Watch Now!

Watch this four-part video series hosted by Cheryl Sleboda that puts cosplayers/sewists of all skill levels in a two-hour challenge to create a costume project of their choice.  The projects vary from props to entire costumes and are created on-screen in just the two hours allotted.  This season is sponsored by SINGER® and features one of cosplayer's favorites, the Heavy Duty 4452 sewing machine. 

Episode 1 - Philip Odango (Canvas Cosplay):



Episode 2 - Casey Renee:



Episode 3 - Evan Cannon:



Episode 4 - Cassie Stone: