Corner Medallion

In our continued tradition of offering a project along with our free download every month, this month we will offer a slightly different concept. Over the next four months (December 06 - March 07) we will feature four new designs that will be used to complete one project in four steps - our “Victorian Crib Quilt.” Each month we will feature a design, along with instructions for completing that particular segment of the quilt. When the final design (#4) is featured in March, your quilt will be well on it’s way to completion. This is design number three for February 2007. Our design can be reproduced on a Quantum® XL-150, XL-1000, XL-5000 or XL-6000 using your PSW™ software. It can also be reproduced on the Futura™ machines. Use your favorite shade of Robison-Anton® thread to sew out this one color design.

Corner Medallion Free Embroidery Design

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